Agile UX – Define, Identify, Develop


I recently read an article from Jared Spool, of User Interface Engineering, that was written as if he were writing about my personal experience. The article, Essential UX Layers for Agile and Lean Design teams, identifies key concepts I have found helpful with agile UX…

  • Define a big picture scenario that describes a holistic product experience the team is designing for. This is useful for extracting user stories necessary for sprint planning.
  • Identify a set of UX design principals that guide design decisions. If the principals are simple and easy to understand, the agile team members can easily adopt and promote these principals throughout the design and development process.
  • Develop a UX vision that describes a potential product experience that evolves from core UX design principals. A vision provides hope and promise that the team can arrive at their desired product experience if they commit to a set of design principals. A vision can also alleviate team stress related to design compromises often necessary to complete a sprint.

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