Critical to Complex Feature Prioritization


The following exercise is an effective way of determining what product features a UX designer should consider prototyping when considering a large set of features.

Prepare an inventory (10minutes)

  • Working from a feature inventory use sticky notes and write features on individual notes.
  • This can be done as a team or ahead of time.
  • Have extra sticky notes and markers available to make additions if necessary.

Draw a graph

  • Using a whiteboard, or poster board, draw two arrows starting from a 90-degree axis – one horizontal and one vertical
  • Make sure your horizontal an vertical axis leave plenty of space for your sticky note inventory
  • At the end of one arrow write “Critical to get right” and at the end of the other write “Complex to do well”

Place features on graph (10 minutes)

  • Considering the graph dimensions, have participants place the sticky notes in the region they feel a particular feature should fall
  • If someone has trouble have them place the sticky on the one of the two lines temporarily
  • Continue until all stickies are on the graph