Design the box


Have you ever been so close to your product that you couldn’t see the forrest for the trees? Have you ever wanted input from others to see value proposition for a different perspective?

I have a suggestion – design the box!

Design the Box is an exercise where participants’ imagine and design product packaging that represents the value proposition for a given product. Participants are asked to imagine that product or service packaged on a shelf. What would the packaging say about the product on the front of the box? What would make it stand out? What would you put on the side of the box to describe the ingredients of your product? Would there be a disclaimer or warning? What about the back of the box? Someone has pulled it off the shelf and flipped the box over. How does the product deliver on it’s promise?

If you’re stuck and you need to step back, I recommend taking a break and design the box with your product stakeholders. It may help your team refocus on the product’s value proposition.