How Your Company Would Have Ruined the iPad2


co-written by Cathy Carleton


“Isn’t it thin enough? Nobody’s complaining about the thickness, are they?”

“Just put some faux carbon fiber on the shell. It will cut costs and nobody will notice the difference.”


“Our competitors are Flash compatible – we need to concentrate on fixing this deficit so Android doesn’t beat us on features.”

“We’re the fastest tablet out there already – why fix something that ain’t broke? Spend the resources making it Flash compatible.”

“Retinal display is great – but we don’t need it. Our core demographic is 18-25, and they can see just fine.”


“I already have a camera, why would I take photos with that? I don’t see people using it.”

“Just farm it out. We can save resources if we don’t have to design it ourselves.”

“Alright then, but don’t go wild on quality. Nobody’s buying a tablet because they want to be the next Annie Leibovitz.”


“Our core competency is technology, not bags. License our logo out to a reputable sleeve manufacturer and let them do what they’re good at.”

“Our research says most users would probably hold the tablet in their left hand and type with the other. Put a strap on the back.