Michael Wesch on Mediated Media and Cultural Inversion

Another great presentation by cultural anthropologist Michael Wesch at UX week hosted by Adaptive Path. Dr Wesch continues to illustrate the evolution and impact of media on our cultural evolution. A must see for anyone working in New Media.

UX Week 2010 | Michael Wesch | Mediated Culture from Adaptive Path on Vimeo.

It took tens of thousands of years for writing to emerge after humans spoke their first words. It took thousands more before the printing press and a few hundred again before the telegraph. Today a new medium of communication emerges every time somebody creates a new web application. A Flickr here, a Twitter there, and a new way of relating to others emerges. New types of conversation, argumentation, and collaboration are realized. Using examples from anthropological fieldwork in Papua New Guinea, YouTube, university classrooms, and “the future,” this presentation will demonstrate the profound yet often unnoticed ways in which media “mediate” our culture.